Masacril fabric SEA STAR Special 2415 Brown

Product no.: 2415

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17.28 / metre(s)

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An acrylic fabric with a resined finish that increases its water repellance without diminishing its breathability. The finish has high stain resistance, increases colour stability and lengthens the life of the fabrics.
Sauleda uses the highest quality acrylic fibre that is perfect for outdoor applications due to its exceptional response to the most severe conditions.
Using an exclusive process that provides a high level of comfort and protection from UV rays and blocks out more than 90%, depending on the designs.

Technical characteristics:

 Fabric Masacril® Acrylic solution dyed 

 Yarns Warp 31 h/cm (Nm 34/2)

 Tensile Strength Warp 140 daN/5 cm

 Weight 310 gr/m2

 Water repellency 360 mm

 Finish Sauleda Fabric Protector

 Width 153 cm


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